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14 semi-permanent colors mask ready to use

RebItalia - Permanente Elastic Curls

                                   SEMI-PERMANENTE MASK IN 14 COLURS READY TO USE.  DURING ABOUT 10 WASHES.

The particular formula associated with the special molecular structure of the colored masks favors the adhesion of the color on the hair. The pigments are inserted between the individual cuticular scales and adhere perfectly to the keratin binding fibers to give an extremely luminous surface and an intense reflection. It is enriched with precious nutrients ingredients.

. senza ammoniaca 

. without ammonia 

. fashion colours

. color and restructure at the same time

. they can be used as a corrector in any color

. mixable together to obtain infinite shades of color


How to use:
Apply after shampooing on towel-dried hair. Wear disposable gloves.
Helping with a comb or a brush, apply on the lengths and ends avoiding contact with the skin. Leave on for 5 to 25 minutes depending on the intensity of the reflex you want to obtain. Rinse thoroughly only with water. The final effect of the color varies according to the type of hair and the base color on which it is made.


color reflex colours semi-permanent balm colours

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