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DETOXY  sebum balance

Detoxy shampoo and lotion are the real innovation for fat scalp and with sweating.


Distribute 3-4 pipettes of Detoxy Drops and massage vigorously, wash with Detoxy Bagno, dab and distribute 2 pipettes of Detoxy Drops with little massage and dry. Repeat the operation approximately 2 times a week for 3 weeks. The two products are recommended, then, twice a week for home maintenance, lotion before shampooing.





Detoxy drops can be used:

As a peeling before anti-dandruff shampoo. Before the anti-hair loss lotion to clean the scalp well. Every day with 3-4 minutes of massage in case of fall with oily skin.

RebItalia - Detoxy
Sebum is an acidic substance of semifluid pH 3,4. The functions of the sebum or better of the hydrolipidic film, of which the sebum is one of the main components together with the sweat are:
- electrical insulation of the skin
- hydration of the horny layer
- antimicrobial and antifungal protection
- regulation of skin absorption
- vehiculation of parfum by means of small burners and in the radiator tanks.
Some drops in water to disinfect the work tools. Essential. 50ml

The causes of hyper secretion of sebum

The sebaceous glands are found throughout the skin surface except for hands and feet, they are larger in certain areas such as the forehead, the sternum and the shoulder blades. They are acinar glands and work continuously by pouring the sebum into the canal. Their activity begins in the pubertal period. Hormones, in particular testosterone, stimulate its activity; estrogens have opposite effect.

The causes of hyper secretion of sebum:

various diseases
wrong feeding

environmental temperature
hormonal imbalances
internal organs in disorder

The alterations of the sebaceous secretion accompany various forms of skin diseases; seborrheic dermatitis, seborrheic keratosis, sebaceous acne, pityriasis and choking thinner and brittle hair, premature aging of the skin.

RebItalia - Detoxy

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