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PITY REMOVE    dandruff

For normal or oily dandruff, it is not aggressive and leaves the hair soft


Dandruff is an excessive desquamation of the horny layer of the epidermis, the scales are made up of cells that are not completely keratinized. It is therefore visible to the naked eye. It is estimated that around 50% of the European population is affected.
Pityriasis can be dry, mixed or greasy, and is therefore accompanied by the quantity of sebum on the scalp. Pityriasis if left untreated can turn into seborrheic dermatitis accompanied by a reddening of the skin. With dandruff there is an increase in the cutaneous flora, so it will have itching and redness of the skin.
The increase in desquamation is often accompanied by other diseases: seborrheic dermatitis, increased bacterial flora, with the consequence of itching, reddening and likely hair loss. The latest discovery is that some people have allergies to aggressive surfactants.

The causes of pityriasis:

Internal organs in disorder
Wrong products
Chemical treatments
Work environment

RebItalia - Pityremove


Pityremove Shampoo for normal or oily dandruff, it is not aggressive and leaves the hair soft. it is advisable to leave it in the pose for 2 minutes, combing, in the second wash, then rinse well. 250-500 and 1000ml.
Pityremove sulfur and zinc, shampoo in cream based on sulfur and zinc to counteract the seborrhea and the pitirosporum ovale (fungus responsible for dandruff). use either dry or wet hair, comb with a wide-toothed comb, rinse. do the second pass, normally, leaving a few minutes in place, rinse well.
Pityremove lotion is to be used after shampooing; put 2-3 pipettes on the scalp massaging gently to absorb. at the same time, 2 lotion pipettes can be distributed on the scalp during the week, even if no washing is done; has immediate effect on itching and reddened skin even after chemical treatments.
Pityremove washing oil is a cleansing oil for sensitive and dandruff skin. It is very delicate, also indicated for those who have problems with allergies to surfactants. it should be used on dry scalp, massaged, then emulsified with a little water, then rinse thoroughly. use it regularly. both for hair and as a cleansing milk for acneic skin.
Pityremove cream-shampoo it can be used with dry skin or for normal washing. it has a softening action on dry foraging flaking. Leave it in place for a few minutes. In case of scoriay psoriasis and scurf use the product with wet skin, massage, emulsify with water, leave on for 10 minutes; then rinse thoroughly.
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