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NUTRY  LIFE  COLOR - post color treatments

RebItalia Nutry Life Repair
NUTRY SHAMPOO LIGHT, special shampoo, ideal for dry, frizzy, treated hair. It gives softness, shine, volume. Wash your hair in the usual way and as often as needed. 250 and 500ml.
NUTRY SHAMPOO WITH MILK, shampoo ideal for dry hair and after chemical treatments. 1000ml.
NUTRY BALSAMO WITH MILK in the salon, after washing and after chemical treatments, apply the right amount of this product, comb, leave for 2-3 minutes and rinse. 1000ml.
NUTRY DEEP MASK, use as an acid-pH mask for maintenance at home after reconstruction and in all cases of dry hair, difficult to untangle and treated. After washing apply the right amount of mask, comb, leave on for 4-5 minutes, rinse. Finish off with the most suitable final REB product before the fold. 300 and 1000ml.
NUTRY LIGHT SPRAY, after having washed the hair with the REB shampoo you want to apply 6-8 sprays of this product to soften the hair during the cut or the fold. Excellent softener in case of oily scalp and dry tips and summer protective. 200ml.
NUTRY MINERAL PLUS SPRAY, after dry hair or after washing apply 5-6 sprays of this product to have an immediate detangling, emollient and polishing effect. Excellent protective for the pool. 200ml. It should be rinsed because it acts in depth.
NUTRY LIGHT CRYSTALS, apply to wet or dry hair 7-8 drops of this flax seed silicone product to soften, polish and protect your hair. 100ml.
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RebItalia Nutry Life Repair

Nutry Life Color - REBITALIA

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