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VITALIZING    Hair-loss

Vitalizing AMINOKRIN used together with Aminokrin stem drops with the active ingredient of serenoa and plant stem cells seems to produce improvements highlighted in a vigorous growth of hair with a noticeable slowing down of the fall.

RebItalia - Vitalizzante

The greater nourishment to the germinative papilla will produce
new healthier and more healthy hair.

lotion stem booster activator against hair loss

It is Innovative lotion based on peptides, plant stem cells and Vitis vinifera for a shock action with visible results already after 30 days. It guarantees about 30% new hair in the anagen phase.The peptides defined biomimetic because they mimic our peptides, therefore they are recognized, have become central elements in the formulation of cosmetics anti-age, thanks to their properties both aesthetic and functional:They increase the efficacy of the active ingredients with which they unite within the formulation (for example: Serenoa, Vitis vinifera, plant stem cells).
Improve the texture of the product, i.e. make the preparation more pleasant looking and easier to apply

                                                  Vitalizzante lotion anti-age  100ml

RebItalia - Vitalizzante






It produces improvements highlighted in vigorous hair growth with a slowing down of the fall and early formation of white hair. Greater resistance to traction, chemicals and atmospheric agents. The greater nourishment to the germinative papilla will produce new healthier and more healthy hair.

Recommended treatment:

A 3 month treatment is recommended: 3 vials a week or 3 lotion pipettes 3 times a week, 5/6 minutes of massage. 1 time a week do the treatment with a prolonged massage. Washing with Energizing Bath when needed.


The hair develops in a follicle thanks to the production of cells of the dermal papilla placed at the end of the hair bulb and is sprayed with blood. The moments of the follicular cycle are 3: ANAGEN, with duration from 2 to 7 years CATAGEN, with duration 3 weeks TELOGEN, with duration of 3 months, time when the new hair, growing up pushes away the old one.

RebItalia - Vitalizzante
RebItalia - Vitalizzante

There are 2 proteins in follicle cells, the 5 alpha reductases that transform testosterone into 5-dihydrotestosterone. It is a very active sex hormone and the follicles of the cranial vault react negatively with a consequent decrease in hair growth. It follows a decrease in follicle and blood flow. The hair first weakens, then becomes finer, and finally they will not grow again. The same problem can also have the woman with hormonal imbalances. Concause of hair loss may be due to stress, excess sebum, dandruff, intoxication from medicines, trauma. The most negative action you can do on your hair is to use shampoos and wrong balsams. Most cosmetic firms do not take this into account, because they make products only for temporary beauty. A good shampoo should be slightly acidic. The balsams are often made of wax proteins that cover the hair and consequently also clog the follicles. Vegetable emollients must also be used.

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