Alcune domande all'esperto di tricologia Rebitalia
How much hair falls out daily?

The hair has three phases: anagen (growth), catagen (stasis), telogen (rest), phase in which the hair papilla comes off and creates a new hair. For the replacement, daily, fall from 60 to 75 hairs that can reach 150 in periods of spring and autumn. Under normal conditions this does not worry, because the hair papilla will generate a new hair.

When should we worry?

When we begin to notice a receding or a major thinning.

What are the reasons for classical alopecia (hair loss)?

Hair can suffer a fall going into the phase of death ahead of time due to various reasons: stress, heredity, diets, medicines, post-partum, iron or vitamin deficiency, little circulation, excess fat, excess peeling, infectious diseases, washing or wrong chemical treatments, excess toxins, etc. The primary cause remains testosterone which reacts differently on the follicles on the cranial vault.

Is it possible to intervene?

Certainly. In some cases excellent results are obtained, in others a little less, in cases of hereditary fall there is a slowdown. Treatments should be carried out well, for a long time and recommended by experts or hairdressers trichologists.

Where do the treatments work?

The treatments valid for cases of early fall, must act on the hair papilla that is located in the skin, together with the anagen bulb, the only living part of the hair, and is responsible for the birth, growth and death of the hair.

How should it be a good treatment for the fall?

Meanwhile, a good treatment is never for the fall, but must act on the new growing bulbs, the old hair is now dead. Valid cosmetic treatment must act in 5 ways:
1) wash the head in a eudermic manner;
2) stimulate the blood supply of the skin for oxygenation and nourishment of the hair papillae;
3) nourish the scalp;
4) restore the normal hydrolipidic coat of the scalp pH 5.5;
5) give a better appearance to the hair, also operating with components that mask aesthetic degradation.

Is the massage really useful?

For a good treatment, I mean, good products and their good application with stimulating, draining, relaxing massage that will greatly develop the effectiveness of the products.

So, rapture or use refreshing or keratin lotions is not needed?

Kidnapping is useless, because we must act below, in the papilla. The lotions for the fall that are only cold, are just a joke, because the cold is astringent, we would keep up, for a few more days, an already dead hair suffocating the new hair growing underneath. Testosterone inhibitory phytosterols such as saw palmetto are needed. We must open, heat, inhibit testosterone not close and cool or give keratin. The hot-cold action helps because it exerts a pumping on the microcirculation. However, there are no miracle preparations.

Are essential oils useful?

Of course, they have a detoxifying, calming, purifying, hormone-regulating, antifungal, disinfectant action. They penetrate the skin and remain in circulation for 72 hours.