Rebitalia's history

Our company has been in the bio-natural cosmetic field since 1985, with particular attention to theoretical and applied trichology.

We were among the first to hold courses in trichology and cosmetology at hairdressers throughout Italy. 

We produce and market professional trichological cosmetics. Haircare treatments are our core-business in sinergy with high quality products.

The main objective of the company is customer satisfaction and the creation from the beginning of a clear and serene relationship. At the center of our commitment is the customer who must:
  • Have valid technical advice for the most suitable solution for every need.
  • Always be informed about news and product updates.
  • Having the best product, the result of continuous research into the best raw materials.

Natural Bio Products

The use of bio-natural components will allow you to obtain much higher and longer-lasting results, because there is a greater penetration not the only temporary film-like result.

Anti-dandruff shampoo, adjuvant for the fall and balancing sebum have for years been synonymous with wellness for your hair. Tea-tree is the hygienizing novelty for the scalp.

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Trichology and training