Oxygen for hair scalp and face skin

Hair oxygen therapy: what is it?

Oxygen for well-being is a non-invasive treatment; today it is used for aesthetic treatments in general. Oxygen is a new technology used in the aesthetic field, which is used by percutaneous infusion; in fact, thanks to the use of a special equipment, consisting of a generator that uses air (made up of 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen), and which transforms into pure oxygen. The compartment is connected to a flask with a handpiece, a handle that "shoots" the oxygen directly onto the skin, which can be adjusted by a special slider that determines the intensity of the jet. Oxygen for well-being is a non-invasive treatment; today it is used for aesthetic treatments in general. The benefits to the cells are many, think of the acceleration of the healing of skin wounds or burns: using pure oxygen under the action of greater pressure, is stimulated, strengthened and in many cases is accelerated, the natural ability of the body to heal independently from trauma, diseases, various affections. In practice, breathing pure oxygen (with the skin) under a certain atmospheric pressure (determined by the hyperbaric chamber that is created on the skin) the organism finds the stimulus to cure and eventually awaken the dormant cells, which are stimulated to use the oxygen with greater efficiency.

Oxygen therapy treatment

Informations on hair treatment with Rebitalia oxygen machine. Step by step we guide you in the treatment.


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The technology of oxygen, with the use of special products (plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid and collagen) is supposed to be only at the beginning, precisely because the potential of these techniques will still need to be improved and used more.

Being a non-invasive technology, it is therefore considered by the technicians of the sector a new frontier for aesthetics and more.

Rebitalia platinum machine

Practical demonstration at the Cosmoprof fair: treatment on scalp and hair.

Oxygen in 93% purity satisfactorily conveys the cosmetic active ingredients.

OXYGEN by REBitalia

The Platinum Oxy by Rebitalia system, born in 2007 and progressively perfected, offers integrated hair care:
  • Cleans pores and normalizes sebaceous secretion.
  • Deeply nourishes and oxygenates, combining the powerful action of oxygen with natural vasodilators.
  • Stimulates and re-mineralizes, helping brittle and debilitated hair.
  • It helps the natural regrowth of the hair, preventing the regrowth of "fleece" hair and stimulating the growth of healthy hair.
  • Helps the natural beauty of hair, making it softer, shinier and full of volume.
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